About the Author:

Pittsburgh-based and Amazon bestselling speculative fiction author Cat Bruno creates superhero-like protagonists and complex villains in her mythology-laced series, Pathway of the Chosen. Midwest Book Review praised Ms. Bruno's debut novel, The Girl from the North, as, "Exceptional entertainment with deftly created characters and unexpected plot twists."

With a focus on blending historical accuracy into her fictional worlds, Ms. Bruno explores and examines the scope and role of women with a modern angle. In November 2018, the crime thriller Nemesis, debuted: An intoxicating blend of myth and madness. Coming in 2023: Helene: A Divine Guide to Seduction!

Pathway of the Chosen

A mother and daughter struggle against the fates that the gods have forced upon them;
one fighting against the shadows that the other is bound to.

A young woman, born to reign as the Queen of Shadows, tries to defy her birthright, traveling to lands far beyond the world she is destined to rule. In her absence, Cordisia is weakened by the actions of warring brothers who both seek the throne and ignore the true threat: eternal night. However, chaos has come, as it must, and the shadows that darken Syrsha’s blood begin to stir and call on her to return home. Will she become a Queen of Shadows as the Dark God planned or will she walk her own path, as her mortal mother tried to shape and open once she realized who her daughter might becom

Mythology, Reimagined

Ancient gods inspire a modern crime. 

“Justice comes, winged and with a sword.”

Coming in 2023 - Helene: A Divine Guide to Seduction

The most beautiful mortal returns – again. But, this time, she’s older, wiser, and ready to share what she has learned about love.

Like how best to avoid it.